Golden Bullets (Balles d'or)

I have my own pocket Credo
but don’t you repeat it to the gossipy winds
or to the passing crowd
people would laugh at you
I believe
that the sun is an egg of light
laid by the night
that prayer rains down as a shower of fruits
into the basket of our offered hands
that stars are burning souls
that the earth is an orange to quench God’s thirst
that flowers ramble up the windows
to comfort a crying child
that a stone is a tree
that refuses to grow
that goodness is the country where you can land
only after leaving all your luggage
at the customs of suffering
that one and one are one
even in the throes of pleasure
that the perfume of sacrifice
grows the flowers of art
and that by the force of love
tomorrow will be born.

Guy Tirolien (1917 – 1988) is an important figure in that group of writers who established the Negritude Movement.
Balles d’or (Golden Bullets), Tirolien’s first collection of poems, was published in 1961 by Présence Africaine.

A Dual Language Edition

Sale and distribution prohibited in France.

French Edition

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